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Weatherproof Your Home…Against the Storms of Life includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter for use in small groups. The book states on p. xiii that dvds would be available through my website. Things have changed, as they so often do over the years, and the 12 lesson videos are now available on YouTube through the link to my channel (Weatherproof2018) below.

Deeply rooted in every woman's heart is the longing for family stability. But wanting it and having it are two different things. Many women have unresolved issues from their past that contribute to the dysfunction in their homes today. If you believe this statement may apply to you, proven solutions based on God's Word await you in this book.

In Weatherproof Your Home...Against the Storms of Life, I present biblical principles that will free you from self-defeating attitudes and behaviors, and set you on a course that can positively affect your family for generations to come. Using intimate examples of failure and redemption in my own life, this book will lead you through a clearly defined process of repentance and restoration to help you become a catalyst for healing in your family.

Delightful, deep, and ideal for personal or group study, Donna’s book leads us to radical realizations, gut-honest repentance, and renewal through spiritual refreshment. —Marnie Swedberg, Author, Host of Christian Women Speakers
“My childhood sexual abuse led to promiscuity, abortion, drug and alcohol addictions, and depression. I attended my first Weatherproof class when I was 41 years old. I quit after a few lessons because Donna was hitting too close to home, but eventually completed the course five times. Today, I am free, loving my husband, and living to glorify Jesus Christ.” —Jody Eldridge, Zelienople, PA
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Christy Word attended the Spring 2018 Weatherproof class at West Ridge Church and we became fast friends. She has been a huge help to me in all things technical. Christy videotaped the lessons and uploaded them to YouTube. Thanks, Christy!