Revelation: A Study of End-Time Events

12-Lesson Bible Study

by Donna Best

Write, therefore,
what you have seen, what is now,
and what will take place later.
—Revelation 1:19 NIV

God's Word is a treasure and we are on a treasure hunt. Would you read a great book and stop just before the last chapter? No way! This verse-by-verse study of the book of Revelation is intended to dispel the fears, confusion, and misconceptions of this often-avoided "final chapter" of God's Word, and make women hungry for more. You're invited to take an amazing journey through the prophecies of the book of Revelation, looking to the Bible itself for the keys to unlock its mysteries!

From Donna: I joyfully worked for two years, studying and writing the Revelation study guide, which I have gladly made available at no charge over the past ten years. Please open the links to the individual lessons below to access a pdf copy for printing.

If you would like to make a love offering for the study guide, you can do so here through PayPal. Gifts are NOT tax deductible.  Thank You! Donna

Revelation: A Study of End-Time Events Study Guide

by Donna Best

Revelation Detailed Timeline

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson One (Introduction & Chapter 1)

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson Two (Chapters 2-3)

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson Three (Chapters 4-5-6)

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson Four (Chapters 7-8-9)

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson Five (Chapters 10-11)

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson Six (Chapter 12)

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson Seven (Chapter 13)

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson Eight (Chapters 14-15-16)

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson Nine (Chapter 17)

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson Ten (Chapter 18)

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson Eleven (Chapters 19-20)

Revelation Study Guide: Lesson Twelve (Chapters 21-22, Includes Bibliography)

All materials copyright ©2007, 2017 by Donna Best, and may not be used for any commercial purpose or sale. These study guides are free downloads for personal or group study only. Permission is granted to print or photocopy this material as long as the pages are reprinted in their entirety with footer information and footnote citations, and not altered.

 While my teaching ministry is for women, this study guide is available to any and all who want to use it. (Please pass that on to the men in your life). For that reason, I’ve included a recommendation from my friend’s husband.

“I am using Donna Best’s Revelation Bible study guide at the Senior center in Cranberry Twp, Pa. I have had several comments on how thorough the study guide is and how easy it is to follow the scriptures verse by verse. The group members all said it’s like watching a play, scene by scene. From a teaching standpoint, the research and cross references really make the Book of Revelation come alive. It is very easy to teach from Donna’s study guide, as the research has already been completed. Many studies I have done left out verses or points that should have been included but Donna’s study is “spot on,” and I would recommend it to any teacher. Thanks, Donna, for the time and effort you put into preparing this study guide.” —Phil Diemert, Cranberry Twp., PA

But wait…there’s more!

Revelation “101” Women’s Bible Seminar

by Donna Best

One of my favorite things to do is to present my one-day seminar on the book of Revelation and end-time events! The seminar is taken from the 12 lessons available above. It includes verse-by-verse teaching, with the judgments of Chapters 6 through 16 presented as a narrative, and as always, the Gospel is presented. This is done in five sessions from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Whether you are a seasoned Bible student—or a newcomer—you will easily follow the teaching in the book of Revelation, with other passages in Scripture provided on an overhead screen.

group pic. rev seminar.jpeg
Hey Donna, I enjoyed the seminar so much! It was definitely a LOT of information for one day but it certainly made me want to do the twelve-week study. I am going to download it today! —Love in Christ, Lisa C., Dallas, GA
Hi Donna. Thanks so much for hosting this seminar. I really enjoyed it and it definitely changed my perspective based on prior teachings and information which I had gathered over the years and growing up. It’s a lot of information to comprehend and I plan to download the study guide.
—Best Regards, Sandra G., Dallas, GA

I have worked hard and prayed to simplify the complicated and clarify the confusing. There is no need to take notes…all of the teaching can be found in the detailed study guide. I urge the attendees: Please don’t make the seminar harder than it needs to be! This is not a Bible study—it’s an overview. My prayer is that the women in attendance would RELAX and allow the Word of God to simply wash over them, and then prompt them to go deeper in the 12-lesson study.

 If you would like me to present the seminar to the women at your church, please use the contact page to get in touch with me.