Donna Best

Weatherproof Your Home...Against the Storms of Life
by Donna Best

A women's seminar/retreat presented in three sessions:

SESSION ONE: 9:30 AM - Noon

  • Introduction
The Introduction provides attendees with some background of Donna Best's own life experiences, as the Lord took her through the repentance and restoration process. The focus is defined according to Matthew 7:24-27, where we are instructed to put Christ's words in practice in order to withstand the storms of life.
  • The Lives We Construct
Psalm 127:1 states, "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain." This teaching demonstrates that we all construct our own lives from childhood, and often continue doing so after conversion, rather than surrendering control to the Lord. In this message, Donna Best calls women to reject the self-centered life based on human reasoning, and move toward the life that is fully surrendered to the will and purposes of God.
  • The Destruction Caused by Bitterness
Using the parable of the Unmerciful Servant in Matthew 18, this teaching shows clearly that the emotional pain in our lives is not caused by what others have done to us, but primarily by our refusal to forgive. Women are challenged to begin the process of forgiveness as explained in this message.
  • Break
  • Small Group Discussion

  • Tearing Down a Stronghold of Self-Deception
This teaching defines a stronghold of self-deception, and exposes the operation of it in our lives, through a study of the Paralytic in John 5. Examples of self-deception include the victim mentality, self-pity and pride.
  • Families in Crisis
This teaching shows the cause of the breakdown of the family to be rooted in rebellion against God-ordained authority. Secular terms such as addiction and co-dependency are defined according to God's Word as slavery to sin and idolatry, based primarily on Exodus 20:1-6. God's solution is made clear: Submit to all God-ordained authority.
  • Break
  • Small Group Discussion

  • God's Design For Marriage*

*It should be noted that while not all women who attend the seminar are married, all Christian women have an obligation to know and uphold the biblical basis for marriage.

The final seminar teaching is based on Ephesians 5:22-33 and is the centerpiece of Weatherproof Your Home. All the previous teachings are designed to prepare women mentally, emotionally and spiritually to embrace the biblical truth concerning their marriage roles, as they reflect the relationship between Jesus Christ and His Bride, the Church. Terms such as "submission" and "male headship" are defined according to God's Word, rather than by allowing secular society to define them. A study of Scripture shows that the anointing power of the Holy Spirit flows through the unity of the husband and wife, bringing healing and restoration to women and families.

  • Entire Group: Q & A and Testimonies

Seminar schedule

Donna Best The biblical principles taught in this seminar are based on Psalm 127:1, "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain." We actually build two "houses." One is our own life and the other is our family. As we seek the Lord and His ways, He will tear down what we have built on faulty beliefs (called "strongholds"), and will construct a new life for us. That new life is "Christ in you the hope of glory" (Colossians 1:27), and is built on a foundation of TRUTH.

In "Weatherproof Your Home… Against the Storms of Life," Donna Best presents biblical principles that allow women to identify attitudes, and behaviors, which do not line up with the truth of God's Word, and therefore erode their strength in trying times. Using intimate examples of failure in her own life and marriage, she offers women a new perspective on rebellion, repentance and restoration. The "Weatherproof" Seminar empowers women to abandon their helplessness and reframe their lives and families according to God's Word.

Before we can walk in spiritual authority, we must come under all God ordained authority. Then, and only then, can we wage effective spiritual warfare on behalf of our own families. If we are willing to embrace God's design for marriage, we can walk in the spiritual authority that influences our families for generations - to walk in the ways of the Lord, to know Him through a loving relationship, and to bring Him glory.

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