Donna Best

Donna Best B orn in a mid-sized town in Western Pennsylvania, Donna was raised Catholic and attended parochial grade school with her three brothers. She is grateful for the teaching she received as a child, affirming Jesus Christ as Eternal God, the Second Person of the Trinity, who took on human form on our behalf. Yet, she did not personally receive Christ as her Savior until 1975, when she was 25 years old. She had already married Larry in 1971, and given birth to their daughter, Julie, in 1973. Their son, Jesse, was born in 1977, and that completed the family - until the grandchildren came along.

From the time that Donna came to faith in Christ, she had a passion for God's Word and began teaching women's Bible studies. She served on a local board of Christian Women's Club and projected herself as a mature Christian woman. Behind closed doors at home, however, her life was not as it appeared. She saw herself as a virtuous woman dealing with a difficult husband, and blamed her husband for the constant turmoil in their lives. Unfortunately, this went on for too many years, as she struggled through separations from her husband and even filed for divorce at one point. The Lord had placed godly older women in her life who taught biblical submission for wives. She believed, however, that while that may work in someone else's marriage, it certainly would not work in hers. Her bitterness and self-pity deepened, pulling her further away from the spiritual reality of who she was in Christ.

It was not until Donna and her husband found out that their teenage son was using drugs (she states this with his permission), that she was desperate enough to face the truth about herself and take responsibility for the conflict in her life. In her mid-forties, she climbed onto the Potter's Wheel after many years of resistance. This began the transformational work of God in her life that she now shares with other women. Courses in Biblical Studies, first through Geneva College and then through Moody Bible Institute, prepared her to write the course entitled, Weatherproof Your Home…Against the Storms of Life. Using intimate examples of failure in her own life and marriage, Donna offers women a fresh perspective on topics including bitterness, self-deception, and rebellion against authority. She first presented this teaching in the fall of 2001, in a women's Bible study with both married and unmarried women, whose ages ranged from 25 to 50 years, and who came from different denominational backgrounds. Since that time, she has personally taught the 12-week course to several hundred women.

In 2011, the Weatherproof course was published in paperback, and can be purchased through retail book outlets. Free video downloads of the twelve course lessons are available on this site for use in small groups.

Donna has has also produced another 12-week Bible study, Revelation: A Study of End-Time Events, available as a free download in pdf format. She now offers the one day seminar, Revelation 101, in order to provide an introduction to the often-avoided book of Revelation. To see other topics on which Donna speaks, please visit her Featured Speaker webpage on

The Lord has moved on Donna's behalf and blessed her with 40 years of marriage to Larry. They have two grown children and five granddaughters.

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